Colombia - German Valenzuela 250g Coffee Beans

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  • Colombia - German Valenzuela 250g Coffee Beans
  • Colombia - German Valenzuela 250g Coffee Beans

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Altitude - 1700 - 1900 masl 
Region - Huila
Harvest - Oct-Dec
Variety - Caturra, Colombia
Process - Washed
Roast profile - light
Flavor profile - Fruity acidity with full body and long aftertaste. 


German's farm, San Antonio is located in Criollo, close to Pitalito in Southern Huila. He is a member of the Cadefehuila Cooperative. The farm is located at 1600 masl, and he is growing Caturra and Variedad Colombia. The coffee is selectively harvested, fermented for 24 hours and dried about 15 days in a parabolic dryer.

Sensorial information
Cupping score: 88
Plum, Butter, Floral, Cream
Complex, floral (elderflower), mature fruit, plum. Lactic and buttery. Elegant, very nice lingering acidity. Viscous mouthfeel. Loads of light and bright fruits and florals.

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